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-==== Frequently Asked Questions ==== 
-=== General === 
-=== Networking === 
-== HowTo move my mail from PINE to IMAP == 
-At [[mail:​pine|this]] page you can find the solution. 
-=== Unix and Linux === 
-Your home directory is named: ///​home/​YourLoginName//​ 
-= Shells and Environment Customization = 
-By default, you have a bourne shell (bash), meaning you can also type: //cd ~SomeLoginName//​ (eg: ~deatrich ) to reach your homedir. ​ 
-The bash shell has many features, read the man page for more help. 
-If you want to modify your environment,​ then you typically need to edit your //​.bash_profile//​ and/or your //.bashrc// file. For instance, suppose you want to add an alias to ...: 
- $ alias '​lstime=ls -latr' 
-This line means that every time you insert in the command line the command //lstime//, the bash will execute the more complex command //ls -lart// 
-(not yet complete) 
-=== Mac === 
-=== Windows === 
-== Why can't I run Windows OS on my my workstation ? == 
-Because it sucks and it would require too much of our time to setup, fix, upgrade, keep away from viruses, etc. 
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