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Scratch Space

Scratch space is a disk server at your disposition, that you can use to store whatever file you want.

On scratch space, you can store any number of files of any dimension (compatibly with the overall disk space at disposition). No check will be performed to the files contained in this server, and no backup of these files will be performed either.

  • No check means that you can store any kind of files, of whatever dimension and nobody will bother you about this.
  • No backup means that no security system to recover your files will be performed apart from the existing Raid 5 configuration of the disks. This in order to maintain low the level of work needed for administration.
  • The System Administrator does not loose time to check/verify/recover file stored in this disk space, don't ask.

To access the scratch files all you have to do is connecting to the directory scratch /scratch/<username> by using Linux and you can use the disk space here for your needs. Recall that even others users needs to use the scratch space, so be gentle when you store your files.

Currently the scratch space has around 4 TByte for storage. It's a large amount of space just for crap files that one want to access but that aren't vital.

Access scratch space from Linux

  • Open a terminal window
  • cd in this directory: /scratch/<your login name>
  • start using the disk

Access scratch space from Os X

click, click only procedure

  • Browse the network connections from Finder and look for the iscsrv12 server under My Network.
  • Click on connect and insert your login/password.
  • Select the scratch disk and click OK
  • Start using the disk


  • Focus the Finder
  • Press the command/apple + k keys combination
  • Write the afp:/ /<your login> address on the request window that appear
  • Insert your unix login and password
  • Start using the disk

Access scratch space from Windows

You must ask for an account to your System Administrator in order to access the server from MS Windows
  • Browse the network connections from Explorer and look for the melpomene server inside the LTHCI network group.
  • Click on the server icon and then on the scratch disk.
  • Insert your login/password if requested.
  • select your directory (the one with your username)
  • start using the disk
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