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 +====== System Startup Daemons in OS X ======
 +The system by which daemons are launched at startup in Mac OS X, similar to init.d in Linux is explained at: [[http://​​documentation/​MacOSX/​Conceptual/​BPSystemStartup/​index.html]].
 +to add a persistent network put your launcagent in:
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​UTF-8"?>​
 +<​!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "​-//​Apple//​DTD PLIST 1.0//​EN"​
 +<plist version="​1.0">​
 +  <​key>​Label</​key>​
 +    <​string>​com.kandou.scripts.osx.addroute1</​string>​
 +  <​key>​ProgramArguments</​key>​
 +  <​array>​
 +    <​string>/​sbin/​route</​string>​
 +    <​string>​add</​string>​
 +    <​string>​-net</​string>​
 +    <​string>​​24</​string>​
 +    <​string>​</​string>​
 +  </​array>​
 +  <​key>​RunAtLoad</​key>​
 +    <​true/>​
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