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Traveling users

You're going to ...

  • If you need to go on a conference to assist or to give a presentation of your work, The I.P.G. Lab can provide a laptop for you to use for your daily work.
    We have a limited number of laptops for this task and the rule to assign them is: the first win. The laptop, hopefully still working, must be returned to the System Administrators when you come back.
If for some strange and inexplicable reason you crash/lose the laptop, please don't be afraid and inform the System Administrator as soon as possible, so we can start the insurance procedure. We'll need also a copy of the police report in case the laptop happen to be stolen.

inexplicable reason include also: flooding in mountain, flying sheep, dangerous relatives (only if under the age of 5 years), …
  • If you're travelling (for work) outside Switzerland, we can provide electrical adapters for your laptop for different countries (Australia, U.S.A., Germany, U.K., France, Italy and some other places).

You're coming from ...

Outside Switzerland to assist a conference or to do a presentation.

  • If you have only to do the presentation, you can use the device we provide for this task. please refer to this page in order to find all the informations.
  • If you need to connect your laptop to the power line the challenge level is raised; as you discovered pretty soon, once arrived in Switzerland, the power plugs are different from the rest of Europe/World, and you need an adapter and/or a different power cable. In most cases our labs can provide both, but, please return them when you leave.
In any case, don't ask for a charger for your laptop, we don't provide them.
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