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 +==== How to connect to a remote X-Server, i.e. control it ====
 +Have you noticed that, when you open an X-Server on your box, the system will open the port 7000 (thats the standard)? So it seems possible to connect to this port and trasmit the graphic data over a network(i.e. the internet). For this to be possible you have to do the following configuration steps:
 +  - On the server:
 +     - Allowing the server to send data to your client :
 +       "​xhost +[ip]" whereas [ip] is the IP of the client
 +  - On the client:
 +     - Setting the server output to the remote X-Client:
 +     "​export DISPLAY="​[ip]:​0"​ whereas [ip] is the IP of the client
 +After doing this all programs that use X which are executed on the server will be visible and controllable on the client. The CPU time used by the program, however, will be the server one's.
 +Thats pretty much it. I hope that wasn't too cryptic. Have fun. 
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