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 {{macconnecttoserver2.png|Finder:​ remote share credentials}} ​ {{macconnecttoserver2.png|Finder:​ remote share credentials}} ​
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 [cangiani@iscpc42 ~]$  [cangiani@iscpc42 ~]$ 
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +=== Fedora / KDE4 ===
 +Open a window of the file browser (dolphin) and select the ''​Network''​ tab on the left column. Then click on the ''​Samba Share''​ icon.
 + ​{{kde4connectsamba1.png|KDE dolphin main window with Network tab selected}}
 +If the server you want to connect to is not listed on the big box, then enter its address in the text field with ''​smb''​ label. ​
 + ​{{kde4connectsamba2.png|KDE dolphin samba share window}}
 +You will get the list of available samba shares. Click on the one you want to mount and type your credentials on the dialog window that is opened (''​DOMAIN\username''​ and ''​password''​).
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