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 +====== Suppressing indendation at the beginning of the following paragraph ======
 +(This is how the sectioning commands of the standard LaTeX classes do it.)
 +Put the following in the "​begin"​ commands of the environment:​
 +  \everypar{{\setbox0=\lastbox}\everypar{}}
 +At the start of the first paragraph, the ''​\parindent''​ glue will be removed and be put into box 0. (The braces around the ''​\setbox''​ command are to keep the scope of this box assignment local.) Finally we clear ''​\everypar''​ such that subsequent paragraphs behave normally.
 +//Remark: // One might be tempted to set ''​\everypar{\hskip -\parindent}'',​ but if the user has issued a ''​\noindent''​ command at the start of the environment body then this has an undesirable effect. ​
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