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 +====== Including Subversion information in LaTeX ======
 +The Subversion ''​Id''​ keyword allows you to include useful information about the repository status of a file into that file. Subversion properties and specifically the ''​svn:​keyword Id''​ property are explained in the subversion book
 +A package has been created that allows Subversion keyword information flexibly in your LaTeX document.
 +Once the package is installed using it is very simple. First ensure that the ''​Id''​ keyword is activated for the file in question:
 +  $ svn propset svn:​keywords "​Id"​ foo.tex
 +(see also [[svn#​various_tips_tricks]]).
 +Then include the following lines:
 +  \usepackage{svninfo}
 +  \svnInfo $Id$
 +The ''​$Id$''​ line will be expanded by subversion the next time you check-in or update ''​foo.tex''​
 +The ''​Id''​ information can then be acessed by using the commands of the ''​svninfo''​ package. For example
 +  \svnId
 +will give you all of the ''​Id''​ information. Each element: filename, date, revision number, user are also available separately; see the documentation of the ''​svninfo''​ package for details. ​
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