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Configure your Scanner

Configure Thot Station


  1. Configure a local account thot with no Admin privileges.
  2. Assign to this user the Autologin at startup.
  3. Login as thot
  4. Open the System Preferences panel and select the Dock subpanel
    1. Position the Dock on the right margin.
    2. Activate the flag Automatically Hide and show the Dock
  5. Open Safari and go to the Preferences panel (Safari→Preferences from the menu, or Command+,).
  6. In the General tab
    1. As home page insert:
    2. At the bottom of the page, There's the label Open links from applications:. Select the in the current window flag.
  7. Close the preferences panel and Safari (not only the window, quit the application).
  8. reboot the computer and check everything.
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