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HowTo Setup Barcode Scanner

In this HowTo we focus to the Metrologic Product MS9535 Voyager and the Os X Operating System.

To use the Thot library with a barcode scanner, we need to configre the scanner as a serial device and then we need to start a bash script that is able to interpret the data from the scanner. The connection use the bluetooth system, that is a default feature both on the Metrologic Scanner and also on the Apple products.

Essentials to configure the scanner

  1. Print metrologic-setup.jpg this page. It's a page with all the codes necessary to configure the scanner.

Pair the scanner

The first step to do is the pairing of the scanner with the computer host.

  1. Check that the scanner is completely charged
  2. Scan the first code on the page you printed before
  3. From the System Preferences open the Bluetooth panel
  4. Click the Set Up New Device button (in the low right of the windows), in the next window click on Continue.
  5. Select the Any Device button and click Continue
  6. The system will display all the devices it finds.
  7. Check in the options panel that the system don't ask a key for pairing.
  8. Select the VoyagerBT voice and click on Continue
    1. The name complete of the device is VoyagerBT plus the serial number of the device
  9. If all is correct the computer will pair with the scanner and present the Congratulations message. Click on Quit.
  10. In case of error repeat the procedure from the beginning.

Configure the scanner

In the default configuration, the scanner will add a CR (Carriage Return) code to all the barcodes it scans and this generate a problem in the program that read the data from the scanner. To resolve this, we need to change the default behaviour of the scanner.

  1. Pass the scanner over the 3rd barcode (the one labeled Disable CR Suffix that is printed on the configuration page printed before. The scanner will emit some beeps.

The program

  1. Download this zip file and explode it.
  2. Start the checkout program, you will hear z 2 tone beeps from the scanner. This means that the scanner is online, ready.
If you have more than one VoyagerBT scanner

The program will connect only to the first scanner listed in the /dev directory

The use of the program

  1. Try to scan your NBIS barcode (the code on the Camipro) or any other barcode. NOT the codes from the configuration page.
  2. The program will open Safari, pointing in the Thot Library Check Out Page. If you are in the database of thot you'll see all the books you have in use.

Thot User

  1. Configure a local account thot with no Admin privileges.
  2. Assign to this user the Autologin at startup.
  3. Login as thot
  4. Open the System Preferences panel and select the Dock subpanel
    1. Position the Dock on the right margin.
    2. Activate the flag Automatically Hide and show the Dock
  5. Open Safari and go to the Preferences panel (Safari→Preferences from the menu, or Command+,).
  6. In the General tab
    1. As home page insert:
    2. At the bottom of the page, There's the label Open links from applications:. Select the in the current window flag.
  7. Close the preferences panel and Safari (not only the window, quit the application).
  8. copy the checkout script in the /Library/StartupItems
  9. copy the checkout script in the Desktop of the thot user.
  10. reboot the computer and check everything.

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