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Frequently Asked Questions



HowTo move my mail from PINE to IMAP

At this page you can find the solution.

I need to Scan something

I need to make a CD or DVD

Don't make copies of protected software. The EPFL policy about this are really strict.

If you want to write a bunch of files or an ISO image to a CD-ROM or to a Dvd-Rom you can use the workstation To write a Cd-Rom or a Dvd-Rom just login in the workstation, insert your Cd-R or Dvd-R and select the image/directory you want burn on the optical drive. The burner is wuit fast, so the operation will tak at most 20 minutes.

You can use Cd-R, Cd-Rw, Dvd-R, Dvd-Rw, Dvd+R, Dvd+Rw

Unix and Linux

Your home directory is named: /home/YourLoginName

Shells and Environment Customization

By default, you have a bourne shell (bash), meaning you can also type: cd ~SomeLoginName (eg: ~deatrich ) to reach your homedir. The bash shell has many features, read the man page for more help.
If you want to modify your environment, then you typically need to edit your .bash_profile and/or your .bashrc file. For instance, suppose you want to add an alias to …:

$ alias 'lstime=ls -latr'

This line means that every time you insert in the command line the command lstime, the bash will execute the more complex command ls -lart

(not yet complete)

How to run several X-Servers simultaneously

Have you ever wondered why Linux has 6 different virtual text-terminals but only one graphic-terminal? In fact, Linux has also 6 graphic terminals, it just uses only one by default.

When you start your X-Server with the command “startx”, the system assumes, you want to send the graphical output to the first graphic-terminal, which you can access by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F7.

"startx -- :0"

is normally the same as just “startx”, it puts the graphics to the first graphic-terminal

"startx -- :1"

starts another X-Server with its output to the second graphic-terminal

"startx -- :2"

starts another X-Server with its output to the third graphic-terminal

… so we can run upto 6 different X-Servers simultaneously!

You probably already knew, that you can switch between the text-terminals with the combination Alt- and the F1 to F6 keys. Parallel you can switch between the graphic-terminals with Ctrl-Alt- and F7 to F12.

How to connect to a remote X-Server, i.e. control it

Have you noticed that, when you open an X-Server on your box, the system will open the port 7000 (thats the standard)? So it seems possible to connect to this port and trasmit the graphic data over a network(i.e. the internet). For this to be possible you have to do the following configuration steps:

  1. On the server:
  1. Allowing the server to send data to your client :

“xhost +[ip]” whereas [ip] is the IP of the client

  1. On the client:
  1. Setting the server output to the remote X-Client:

“export DISPLAY=”[ip]:0“ whereas [ip] is the IP of the client

After doing this all programs that use X which are executed on the server will be visible and controllable on the client. The CPU time used by the program, however, will be the server one's.

Thats pretty much it. I hope that wasn't too cryptic. Have fun.



Why can't I run Windows OS on my my workstation ?

Because it sucks and it would require too much of our time to setup, fix, upgrade, keep away from viruses, etc.

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