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In our network nobody can connect his/her laptop directly to the printers, all printers accept connections (and documents) only from printers servers. These servers have different features to simplify the management of the printers from a user point of view. The possibility to print is available also for workstation connected to the epfl or to the public-epfl wireless networks. Printers can be used with all the major O.S. used today (Apple Os X, Linux, MS Windows) and we try to maintain the level of management the lowest possible. Where the automatic configuration of the computer is impossible (as with wireless connections), we have opened some channels so the manual connection to the printers is the simplest possible (again: from the user perspective).

Every printer of public access can print on Recycled or White paper and in single or double sided mode. Most of these printers are High-speed model, wich means that they can print at least 25 pages per minute in B/W. Only the smallest and oldest printers are slower.

We have different printers, each situated in a different room or corridor. Not all printer are disponible to everyone, so pay attention when you print. Printers located in rooms, or that have a personal name can be used only by authorized users.


Workstation or personal laptop connected by wire

  • The list of printers available is automatically shared, so there's no need to local configuration on the workstations most of the time
  • Linux and Os X workstation connected to the network can use a printer just selecting her name from a list
  • Windows O.S. authorized users can access the printers connecting to a dedicated server. The printer driver is downloaded automatically

Personal laptop connected by wireless

  • Use of local printers is possible inserting login/password provided by EPFL
  • The configuration of the printer queues is forcefully by hand, but is simplified at most
  • We have Different printer available on different part of the buildings INR
  • These printers are usable by Linux, Os X or Windows users
Go here if you want connect your laptop to a printer using the wireless network
Please only print documents that you really need. I can't begin to say how many times I have found a large document printed that was never picked up.
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